Mission Statement

Alliance Partition Systems promotes a culture of family and diversity, focusing on the quality of life for our workers and the quality of work produced for our customers and community.  Our mission is to provide highly trained and specifically skilled individuals with a high moral and a rigid regard for their safety, and in turn their family. With these values, we deliver projects on time that are cooperative and well planned, with a priority on schedule and budget.  We bring value to the jobsite, where we work as a team with concern for the overall success of the job.

Culture and Diversity

Metal stud framing and drywall are not rocket science.  There are many reputable companies out there, some that are larger than us, that you could hire and they know how to perform their scope of work.  The difference you will notice with Alliance Partition Systems is the culture.  Here, you are not just a number.  You have a name, a family, a life outside of work.  We have three social functions each year that bring us all together as a group.  Our annual picnic and sports tournament, which is always a hit with sought after prizes that create a competitive environment, as well as bouncy houses  and activities for the little ones.  Later in the summer, we do our annual fishing trip with our employees and trade partners where we charter a boat in Westport and go salmon fishing.  In December we have our epic year end company Christmas party, where awards are handed out along with 10% of our profits in the form of profit-sharing bonuses.  These events are always popular and a great way to meet the families and relax in a fun environment.

All this combined creates the Alliance Partition Systems culture.  It is a culture of family, of loyalty, and of caring about one another through trade lines, through rank, and being a team who likes their jobs and likes what they do and who they work with.  When you bring this positive culture to the jobsite, it’s contagious.   A job with a positive atmosphere generally translates to a safe, clean and profitable project, with each individual looking out for the other so we can do what we are there to do: Be successful.


Alliance Partition Systems was founded in 2007 by Mike Powers.  Mike remains the sole owner of the company, and comes from a background of drywall and metal stud framing.  He started his career as an apprentice at the Safeco Field project in 1999, and in 2003 he won the Washington State Interior Systems Apprenticeship Contest recognizing excellence in the industry.  After several years in the field working for PCS, Mike sustained a career altering injury with a circular saw that resulted in the amputation of a finger and extensive damage to the rest of his hand.  Facing the loss of dexterity and fine manipulation with his hand, Mike recognized the need to find a new career path.  He volunteered and ultimately got hired on as an estimator and project manager for Innovative Interiors.  A background in mathematics created an ability to successfully create an estimating database through On Center Software that aided in growth and success.  At Innovative Interiors, Mike learned all aspects of the business; from running manpower to securing jobs and managing them to come in within budgets and schedule constraints.

In 2007, Mike went on his own and formed the entity that today is the parent company of Alliance Partition Systems: Powerco Drywall Systems.  Powerco Drywall Systems remains the legal entity, with Alliance Partition Systems as the union drywall division.  All of our workers in the field are covered under collective bargaining agreements.  We are signatory with the Carpenters and Painters unions.  We are a member and active participant in both the Northwest Wall & Ceiling Bureau and the Association of General Contractors and the Northwest Wall & Ceiling Contractor’s Association.  Alliance Partition Systems has been union since 2013, and continues to experience immense growth and success.  We have two locations, with our main office in Arlington, WA and our south end headquarters in Tacoma, WA.  We have found a model of doing relationship-based business and a mission statement to follow that creates high moral and positive quality of life.  We will never have “a worker” get hurt.  To us, it is Joe Smith; Brenda’s husband and Trevor’s dad.  It is personal.  This has instilled an ownership in the company, its people, and their safety personalized in each of our employees.  We are continually growing our core group and at Alliance Partition Systems, you are not a number;  You are a person.  We care about you, your safety, and your quality of life.  We are a team. We take pride in what we build, we embrace new innovative ideas, and we are on the frontlines of new trends and new protocols.

Alliance Partition Systems has experienced continued growth each year in the form of increased sales, expanded geographic area and more diversity in the scopes of work we can provide.  We have built and protect our reputation of putting our customer’s needs first with schedules and budgets a high priority, and building relationships with a foundation of honesty and integrity.  Every customer is important to us, every job is critical to deliver on time, within our Quality Control Plan guidelines, and without undue change orders.  We work as a team to get it done, and get it done right.