Safety is more than a set of rules.  Safety is a culture of caring.  Caring about yourself, your family, having a company that cares about you.  Our outstanding record on safety originates with team building.  We nurture a culture of caring about each other and knowing each person’s family through multiple social functions each year in which we get together as a company and as friends and get to know the people we are working with.  Our philosophy is that it takes people caring about each other to create an environment of accountability to ourselves to make sure we get back home to our families in the same way we left them.  Our founder and owner Mike Powers has a very personal connection to this, having suffered a career ending injury himself.  We start each day on every job we do with our patented “Huddletime” where we get together as a group, shake off our outside distractions and warm up mentally and physically to prepare for all the hazards around us.