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Hello and thank you for taking the time to investigate attaining a position with Alliance Partition Systems (APS). Please read through the following items to familiarize yourself with our hiring process and what we expect from you as well as what you can expect from APS.

APS is a Drug Free Business and as such we participate in their drug testing and monitoring protocols. APS is also a Union Shop and all our field and supervisory personnel are members of either the International Union of Painters & Allied Trades (IUPAT) or the United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners (UBC). If you do not belong to the appropriate Union, that does not exclude you from employment with APS. If you feel that you possess Journey level skills, our on-site foreman will access your skill level and if it is determined that you need to be enlisted into an apprenticeship program to acquire the skills that may be lacking, APS will assist you in attaining acceptance into the appropriate program.

At APS we offer various training opportunities to increase your skills and will even offer to those who show a propensity for leadership, paid training courses are available and scheduled at various locations throughout the region.

Safety 1st is the number one mindset of each and every APS employee. We strive to be the most productive and accurate group of skilled craftspeople anywhere, but also implement the highest level of a “Working Safe” mentality.

APS is an “At Will Employer” meaning that APS can release any employee from employment without cause or for any reason within the confines of the appropriate Union Contract.

APS day to day operations live and run by the company Mission Statement

“Alliance Partition Systems promotes a culture of family and diversity, focusing on the quality of life for our workers and the quality of work produced for our customers and community. “Our mission is to provide highly trained and specifically skilled individuals with a high moral and a rigid regard for their safety, and in turn their family. With these values, we deliver projects on time that are cooperative and well planned, with a priority on schedule and budget. We bring value to the jobsite, where we work as a team with concern for the overall success of the job.”

So, if a position with APS appeals to you and you would like to become part of the APS family please follow the steps below to file an application and upload you picture ID and Union membership card

Step 1) Fill out and submit the APS application APPLY NOW. Once the application is filled out hit the submit tab and also hit the print tab to print of a copy for your records. Once you close out this form, all information is erased.
Step 2) Scan and email a copy of your state, federal or provincial issued ID & Union Membership Card (ID can be a Driver License, State, Provincial other governmental photo ID, A Passport from any country.
Step 3) APS will notify you, the applicant, when the need arises to come into one of the 2 offices for an interview. Most likely the office closest to your residence whenever possible but not guaranteed. (Offices located in Arlington and Lakewood, Washington)
Step 4) If after the interview and APS decides that the you will be a good fit and meet APS manpower needs, you will immediately be offered a position and will go through the New Employee Orientation process.
Step 5) After orientation, you, the new employee will be assigned a jobsite and given all pertinent information concerning jobsite address, foreman’s name and cell number and start time.

The following stipulates the paid time of onboarding as a new APS employee. It would also be very helpful to us for you to bring any of the following documents that help us in addressing the paperwork issues when a new employee comes in for their interview.

New employees will be paid 2 hours at their current pay scale based on Journeyman or Apprenticeship status for the orientation process which will include doing the paperwork associated with I-9, W-4, Drug testing if necessary and the 2 video training sessions.

If a drug test is required, the new employee will be paid an additional 1 hour for that portion of the new employee onboarding.

  • ID’s a Driver License from any state, province or country
  • Enhanced Driver License/ID Card are issued by the following states: Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Vermont, and Washington. Canadian residents of British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec also can obtain an enhanced ID.
  • Passport issued by any nation • Permanent Resident Card issued by the Department of Homeland Security (Green Card)
  • Certified Copy of a Birth Certificate issued by any US county health department
  • Social Security Card
  • Union Membership Card
  • HILTI License if a Carpenter
  • 1st Aid /CPR card if issued by a Fire Department or another official agency, i.e. American Red Cross, etc.

Questions call or email Dale Graves (206)954-9544

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